Khanmigo is your always-available

 teaching assistant.

For teachers

Knock something off your to-do list in minutes.

For learners

Prep for tests without breaking a sweat.

For parents

On-demand help makes homework time a breeze.

“Forget ChatGPT. These are the best AI-powered apps.”
Khanmigo receives an overall 4-star rating making it a top-rated AI-for-education tool.
“One teacher said she noticed students posing more questions to Khanmigo than they might typically ask.”

On-demand AI-powered support for education.

For teachers

Experience the best AI for teachers.

Built for educators by educators, with your needs in mind. Khanmigo simplifies your workflow while keeping your work and your student data private and secure.

For learners

Build your brain power.

Khanmigo challenges you to think critically and solve problems without giving you direct answers. Learn new skills anytime, whether it's algebra, SQL, or essay writing.

For parents

Turn homework into high fives.

Type in a homework question and get instant help. Like a good tutor, Khanmigo gently guides your child to discover the answers themselves.


What is Khanmigo? How is it different from ChatGPT?
Khanmigo is an AI-powered personal tutor and teaching assistant from trusted education nonprofit Khan Academy. Khanmigo offers engaging, on-topic, and effective learning for students, and is ethically designed with safety and learning as a top priority. Unlike other AI tools such as ChatGPT, Khanmigo doesn’t just give answers. Instead, with limitless patience, it guides learners to find the answer themselves. In addition, Khanmigo is the only AI tool that is incorporated with Khan Academy’s world-class content library that covers math, humanities, coding, social studies, and more.  When rating AI tools for learning, Common Sense Media gave Khanmigo 4 stars, rising above other AI tools like ChatGPT and Bard.
Can anyone use Khanmigo?
To access Khanmigo, you must make a monthly or annual payment, be 18 years or older, live in the United States, and have a billing address in the U.S.

If you are under 18 years old, your parent or guardian needs to sign up in order for you to gain access. Please ask your parent or guardian to sign up and add you to their account.
Why is a payment required to access Khanmigo?
Khan Academy is a small nonprofit funded by donations. Your payment helps us support Khan Academy’s mission while giving you access to a groundbreaking AI learning experience. We are working to continue to make this technology more affordable for everyone. The Khan Academy content library and learning platform will always remain 100% free.
How many children can I add to my Khanmigo account?
After you sign up for a monthly or annual Khanmigo subscription on your parent account, you will have the option to enable access for up to 10 of your children who are under 18.

Teachers - you will not be able to grant students access to Khanmigo. At this time, classroom access for Khanmigo is only available through school or district implementations.

Note: if your child is part of an active Khan Academy classroom, you may not be able to activate Khanmigo access on their account. Please reach out to our support team if you have any questions.
What grades and subjects can Khanmigo help with?
Khanmigo can help students who are in elementary school through college. Khanmigo can help with almost any academic subject, including math, science, coding, history, and humanities.

Get a glimpse of the future of learning.

See Khanmigo in action in Sal Khan's 2023 TED Talk.
Thumbnail video of Sal Khan giving a TED talk about the future of learning with AI.